Our clients have told us they’d like more information so we’ve laid out our services in detail to help you figure out the best approach for your hair. If there’s something we’re missing, let us know, we’d love your feedback! For costs, please visit the pricing page, or contact our reception team.


Womens Cut - This is a full cutting service including a restyle if required. This includes a wash, the cut itself and a classic blowdry to finish.

Mens Cut - Again this is a full cutting service and may be a scissor cut, a razor cut or a combination of both depending on the desired look. Wash and finish also included.


Colour Services


Aviary Lane utilises only certified Wella colour products. Style director Elaine Sullivan is a member of the Wella Style Council for Ireland and the UK, ensuring the whole team is at the forefront of colour services and trends internationally. Trends come and go, but it looks like gradient hair is here to stay. These days, the look is cooler and infinitely more wearable - sun-kissed, grown out and even slightly unkempt. Slow-fade styles add depth and dimension and offer longevity between salon visits. Your ideal look will often involve a combination of the techniques below.

Highlights, Babylights & Surrounds; Highlighting uses a lightening agent to lift the hair colour. Dye is applied uniformly to small sections or strands of hair starting at the root right through to the ends. Dyed sections are then protected with foil or cellophane wraps. Unlike highlights, which are lighter than the base strands, lowlights are darker strands of color that are woven into the hair to add depth. Over the past several years, the trend has moved from full foil highlights and solid all-over colour to a softer and more natural looking approach. We’re big fans of babylights at Aviary Lane; these are delicate highlights created using very fine sections to mimic the subtle, dimensional hair colour seen on children's hair. Highlights can be applied to the full head, just to the parting or in a section called a T-bar. The latter is usually the two sides of the hair line at each ear, with the parting weaved with highlights. A half head encompasses wider sections at the crown and either side than a T-bar. Highlights are often done with a surround, which can be either a semi or a permanent colour painted around the highlights, often to cover grey.

Balayage; With traditional foil highlights, colour is defined and uniform, starting at or very close to the root. Balayage, from the French word meaning “to sweep”, is a freehand technique in which sections of hair is hand painted against a backing board and then covered in cellophane or foil. As balayage highlights are less uniformly placed, you end up with broader, less symmetrical highlights, resulting in a more casual, beachy finish that could have been created by the sun. Balayage uses the same colour components as highlights; only the technique differs. It’s typically used to lighten stands but it’s a suitable method for all types and colours. Brunettes can go for a bronde or ecaillé (tortoiseshell) effect using blonde, caramel or auburn accents. It’s a great option if you prefer a lower maintenance colour as a visible root is often a natural component of the look. Balayage is often paired with some baby lights around the face, and/or a toner to create your ideal finished look.

Tints: A tint is a permanent hair colour which colours more hair that’s 50% or more grey It removes the natural pigment in the centre of the hair and replaces it with a new colour molecule. Tints always give a demarcation line and so require regular appointments to avoid unsightly bands of contrasting regrowth. We favour the Wella Illumina and Koleston ranges; they provide superior coverage without lacklustre saturation. Their violet undertones flatter paler skin tones in particular. Suitable for all hair types but primarily used to achieve full grey coverage or lighten your base colour.

Semi Permanents: Semis are vibrant, low-commitment colours that fade beautifully without the hassle of a definite root line. They fade out gradually over a period of weeks and will not lighten your natural base colour. Large colour molecules fill up the exterior of the hair shaft, covering your natural shade. Aviary Lane stylists always use Wella Colour Touch semi permanents, guaranteeing a glossy head of healthy looking hair. Suitable for all hair types.

Toners; A toner is a product that helps personalise your colour. Toners create a professional finished look by adding natural or more visible tones following a professional colour treatment. It is most commonly used for blonde shades but can be beneficial for brunettes and redheads too. For toner to work, hair has to be bleached or dyed first.


Pricing for styling options is based on your hair length, texture and desired styling outcome. Addicted to the swish? Can’t say we blame you. If you want to personalise your look further, talk to us in salon about braiding, hot tools and upstyling options.

Classic Blow Dry - The classic blowdry aims to achieve a polished salon finish whilst maintaining your hair's natural texture. (This blowdry is complementary when booked as part of your colour service appointment.)

Couture Blow Dry - The couture blowdry allows you to change from your hair's natural texture and extra service time may be required. For example curly hair being blowdried in a straight style, or curly blowdrying for naturally straight locks.

Braid Bar - Whether you want to play around with a new low-commitment summer look or or you need something to last you a full festival weekend, we got ya covered. Fun, kind to hair and long lasting, braids are a great way to try something new. Half braid styles from €15. Full or complex braid styles €30.


Sometimes our strands could use a little extra TLC. Our stylists can advise what, if anything, your hair might need. Treatments are not standalone services but can be added to cuts, colours and styling options.

Nioxin In Salon Treatment - This treatment is for clients who are experiencing thinning of the hair and hair loss. A boosting treatment for thinning hair designed to work alongside the at-home Nioxin programme.

Wellaplex - The ultimate colour companion. Wellaplex is a specialist bond treatment typically used in conjunction with colour services. Your stylist will advise if your hair type would benefit from this advanced treatment.

Balance Energy Treatment - This treatment is for clients who are experiencing thinning of the hair and hair loss. It increases the supply of nutrients to the hair and makes hair stronger.

Essential Energy Treatment- One of our fastest treatments, this provides an intense treatment in just 15 minutes. There are 3 different emulsions to choose from; your stylist will recommend the best one for you during your consultation.

Ezpress Energy Treatment - Does your hair lack shine and smoothness but you don't have the time to get a luxury treatment? Try an Express Energy treatment on top of your colour, blow dry or cut service.

Intensive Treatment - This treatment is personalised for an intensive hair transformation. It is a four step treatment which is applied to the hair and intensely massaged in before being put under heat to deeply penetrate the hair.

Liquid Hair Treatment - This treatment is for sensitised and fragile hair. It leaves hair feeling plump and strong by reconstructing the hair fibre and reinforcing the hair.